What Do the Assignment Statuses Mean?

  • Locked: Students cannot view or open an assignment until the start date and time. Until then, assignments will be locked.
  • Not Started: Not started indicates that students have access to the assignment because the start date and time have arrived, but the assignment has not yet been opened.
  • Started: Started indicated that at least one student has opened the assignment.
  • Closed: Closed indicates that the due date has occurred. Students will no longer be able to access or submit the assignment past the due date. An assignment also becomes closed to individual students once the student has submitted the assignment.
  • Graded: Graded indicates that students have submitted and submissions have been graded. In order for data to go to reports, the assignment status must be set to graded. It is a good idea for teachers to check the assignment status after an assignment has been completed by all students and graded. Click here to see step-by-step instructions for how to release data to reports.

Click here for information about releasing grades and allowing students to review work, click here:

Click here to see a video about releasing grades and allowing students to review work.

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