How to Release Grades to Students, Allow Students to Review Graded Assignments, and Release Grades to Reports

Students will not have access to grades or graded assignments unless teachers allow it.

Teachers have the option to select release to grades reports, release grades to students, and allow students to review when making an assignment.

After an assignment has been made, teachers can edit assignment settings.

1. To edit assignment settings, locate the assignment. You can easily access an assignment by navigating to the resource within the course. So, for example, if you want to release the grades for Chapter 12 ExperTrack Checkpoint, you can navigate to Chapter 12, locate the ExperTrack Checkpoint, and select the calendar showing the number of times assigned.

You can also find the assignment by navigating from Assignments from your dashboard.

2. After locating an assignment, select Edit.
3. Upon selecting edit, you have the 3 options. You can select Release to Reports (so that you can review the assignment data in reports), Release grades to students (so that students see their scores), and /or Students can review work (when you are ready students to access the graded assignment).  Make your selections and Save.
Please note that you can go into an assignment and make changes at any time. So, for example, you may opt to initially release grades to students and reports and then go back later to allow students to review their work. Always make sure to  Save your changes.
Please refer to this link to see a video demonstration of a teacher releasing grades to students:
 Please refer to this link to see a video demonstration of a teacher releasing grades to reports: