Digital Biography Readers and Related Activities

Digital readers include 3 resources: Biography Reader, Biography Worksheet, and Biography Recap.

Biography Reader

The Biography Reader has embedded text, videos, and questions to help engage students in learning about significant historical figures.  

Teachers have 2 options for sharing readers with students. You can assign a reader to students, or you can share it with students from your device. 

  • For students to have individual access to a biography reader, you will Assign it. Students will then access it from their Gallopade accounts. 

  • To share a reader from your device, you will select View while screen sharing. By selecting view while sharing your screen with students, remote students will see the content as it plays and in-person students can view it with you from a connected whiteboard or projector. View is useful for whole group instruction.

    *Digital Readers do not have gradable activities.

Biography Worksheet

The Biography Worksheet can be viewed or assigned. It can also be printed.

  • You can print the Biography Worksheet to include in packets or for in-person students. 
    • To print, select View
    • Select More Tools

    • Select Print Document.
  • You can also digitally assign the Biography Worksheet. To digitally complete the worksheet,  students will record their answers using the annotation tools: highlight, draw, and notes.  

Biography Recap

The Biography Recaps consists of constructed response questions and are a great way to get students to respond to writing prompts. Teachers must digitally assign the Biography Recaps, and then students can easily complete them online. After students submit, teachers manually score the Biography Recaps.  


For additional information about assigning Biography Recaps, click here: (

For additional information about scoring Biography Recaps, click here: 

To see information about how students digitally complete Biography Recaps, click here: