How to Grade Student Submissions of Biography Recap

Teachers need to grade individual student responses in Biography Recaps

1. Locate the Biography Recap assignment. 

2. Click on Submissions

3. Grades for students who have submitted their assignments will show as a pencil icon. Teachers can view and grade submissions as soon as they are submitted. 

4. Once the student assignment is open, add the grade out of 5 points for the question and  any optional comments in the Teacher Comments box. 

5. Select Save

You can continue grading for the SAME student by selecting the NEXT ITEM or PREVIOUS ITEM buttons. 

If you want to grade the SAME item (question)  for ANOTHER student or multiple students, select the NEXT or PREVIOUS student button.

This will take you to the SAME question for another student in the class, This is very helpful if you are grading a number of student submissions at the same time.