The Standards Report

The Standards Report Provides 3 Levels of Data: Class Summary, Class Details, and Individual Student Details.

To View Reports, select Reports in the upper right corner.

Under Standards Report (on the right), select View Report for the class.

This will take you to the Standards Report Class Summary for all content. To narrow down the content to only see data for ClickBook (for Georgia users) or only see data for ExperTrack, click All Content, and make a selection.

The class summary shows each standard, the class average for the standard, and overall student performance.

To see the class average with student details, select the blue Details link.

From the Class Details, you will see each standard, the class average, and each student's average for the standard. *You can Export the Class Detail Report. 

From Class Details, select the red Usage (minutes) button to see time spent by standard. *You can also export the Class Detail Report for usage. 

For additional details, go back to the Performance tab. and select View.

From view, you will see all resources with aligned content listed across the top of the report. By default, the View screen shows Item Level Scores (scores for every aligned item from each assignment) student by student.

Select Assignment level to see student averages by assignment rather than item. 

You will see all resources with aligned content listed across the top of the report. 

From both the item and assignment level alignment screens, you can click a resource from the column header to assign that resource. For example, to assign the Vocabulary Quiz, select the Vocabulary Quiz from the column header. 

Then select, Assign.

Individual Reports can be accessed from Class Details. To access a student report, select the student's initials from the top row.

The Individual Standards Performance Report shows every standard, the student average by standard, and the class average. **We are currently working on the Taken and Remaining functionality. Taken will show which resources aligned to the standard have been completed (taken) by the student, and remaining will show additional (remaining) resources aligned to the standard. *This report is printable.

To see individual usage by standard, select the Usage (minutes) tab. *This report is printable.

For information about the Gradebook Report, click here