Teachers Have the Option to Submit or Unsubmit a Teaching Tool or Student Book Assignment for a Student

Please note that this is not an option for ExperTrack assignments.

If a student forgets to submit or is having trouble submitting an assignment, teachers can submit the assignment. If a student submits before completing, teachers can unsubmit an assignment.

Force Submit

1. Locate the assignment.
2. Open Submissions. 
3. Locate the name of the student. 
 4. To force a submit, select the red Submit button. 

This will submit the assignment for the student.


If a student submits an assignment and then needs access to continue working on it, you have the option to Unsubmit.  Please note, for students to access an unsubmitted assignment, the assignment will need to be active with a due date in the future.

1. To unsubmit, you will go into Submissions, and select the submitted date.

2. Once you select the date, you will see a pop-up with the option to unsubmit. Select Unsubmit.

After you select Unsubmit, you will see the submit button rather than the date of submission.