How to Change or Reset Student Passwords

Accounts become inactive after 4 incorrect login attempts. Teachers can reactivate student accounts and reset passwords from the class roster.

*Editing student accounts is only applicable if your district does not use a single sign on such as ClassLink or Clever to access Gallopade.

*Please note that you CAN reset a password to the previous password, and passwords are required to be a minimum of 5 characters.


1. To reset a student password, from your dashboard, find the student's class and select the Roster.

2. Find the student in the class roster. If the student account is active, you can skip step 3 and go directly to step 4. 

3. If the student has entered an incorrect password 4 or more times and is currently inactive, the first thing you will need to do is enable the account. Select Enable.

After selecting Enable, the student will no longer be inactive.

4. Select the student's hidden password.

5. After you select the password, you will see a pop-up box with 2 options. You can either type a new password or select Refresh to autogenerate a new password.

A. To set a specific password, type the new password in the box and select Save. Please note that you will not see the password you type. It will be hidden, and look like what you see in the image below. 

B.  To set an autogenerated password, select Refresh, make a note of the autogenerated password, and select Save

If you need how-to instructions for editing student first names, last names, or usernames, please go to: