How to Add a Co-Teacher to a Class (Non-SSO)

Teachers (who do not access Gallopade through Clever or Classlink) can invite co-teachers to work with a class. Co-teachers will need a teacher account, but rather than create their own classes, they will join an existing class as a co-teacher.

**Teachers who are assigned as co-teachers in Clever or ClassLink should automatically be set up for access.**

Step 1 Completed by the Teacher: Find the Co-Teacher Access Code

1. To add a co-teacher to a class, go to the Roster or Class Settings for the class.


2. You will see the Co-Teacher Access Code in the Class Settings and the Roster for each class.

3. Share this code with the co-teacher.


Step 2 Completed by the Co-Teacher: Log In and Join the Class

1. The co-teacher will then log in and select the red +Add/Join Class button from the top right corner of the dashboard.  

2. Select + Join Class and Save.

3. Enter the Co-Teacher Access Code from the teacher and select Join.


Please note that co-teachers and teachers are able to view, edit, and grade any assignment.  Both can also create assignments and access data for the class. 

Teachers and co-teachers can see who created an assignment in the Assigned By area of the Gradebook.