How to Delete an Assignment

*Deleted assignments are not retrievable. Deleting an assignment will permanently delete the assignment and all grades from the assignment.

1. From the teacher dashboard, go to Assignments from the class area or from the top right menu.  

2. Find the assignment you want to delete, and select Edit. Please Note: Since deleting an assignment is permanent, we recommend checking to see if the assignment has been submitted by any students before deleting. 

3. After selecting Edit, you will see all of the settings for the assignment.  Delete is at the end of the settings. Scroll down to the end of the menu. 

*Please note that  depending on the zoom settings for your browser, you may need to scroll to the end to see the delete option. If you need to scroll, you will have a gray scroll bar on the right side as seen in the image below. 


4. Select Delete. 


5. Then select Yes, Delete.