A Teacher's Guide to Locating Past Assignments

This article explains how to find past assignments and use the filters to search.

All assignments are organized by date. The calendar defaults to today's date and shows all assignments due today and in the future. Teachers can filter by date, key term, class, content type, assigned-by, assigned-to, and status.

You can select a date and set the calendar search parameters. There are 2 types of calendar searches: This date forward and For selected date.  This date forward is the default and displays assignments open or due on the selected date and any following date. For selected date only displays assignments open or due on the selected date. 

If you would like to see all assignments from August 1st going forward, you will select This date forward and August 1st on the calendar. If you would like to see all assignments from December 10th going forward, select This date forward and December 10th. 

To only see assignments open on a specific date, select For selected date. So, to only see assignments open on December 10th, select For selected date and December 10th on the calendar.

After setting the calendar filter, you can further filter by content name. To use Content Name to filter, type a key word in the search box. 

You can filter assignments by date and class. 

You can filter by date and content type.

You can also filter by date and who it was assigned to, assigned by, and by assignment status.

Just remember, for an assignment to show up, you must set the calendar to include a date when the assignment was open or due. 


You can also quickly go to an assignment for a specific class directly from the resource in the course.  To see the steps for finding an assignment within the course (Intro, Unit, Chapter),  click here.

Once you have located the assignment, select View to see the resource. Select Edit to change the assignment settings (status, start date and time, due date and time, grading and report settings, and instructions). Select Submissions to see the student submission details. 

From the submissions page, you can select the red All Submissions for Class button to see  submissions of all assignments of a resource by class.

On the All Submissions for Class page, you will see every individual assignment and class assignment for that resource.