How to Quickly Find an Assignment

Not only can you go to Assignments and search by date, you can also access an assignment from its location in the course.

When you are in a course, every resource will show how many times it has been assigned (if it has been assigned) as shown for the Vocabulary Builder in the image below.

To quickly go to the assignments for that resource, select the number of times it's been assigned.

Upon selecting the number of times assigned, you will see a pop-up box showing the list of assignments and can select View, Edit, Submissions, or All Submissions for Class.  Please note, you will only see the red All Submissions for Class button when you have assigned something more than once.

From the submissions page, you can always select the red All Submissions for Class button, even if you have only assigned it once.

On the All Submissions for Class page, you will see and can manage every individual, group, and class assignment for the resource for the class. 


For details regarding locating assignments for all classes using due date and filters, click here