How to Update Class Rosters when Students Leave a Class (for Non-SSO Teachers)

Non-SSO teachers can archive students who are no longer in a class.

Please note:  By archiving students, you will remove the student from your active roster, all open assignments, and future assignments. This action will also remove all of the student’s assignment data from Reports.

To update your class roster select Roster for the class. 

This will take you to the class roster.

To remove a student from the class they are no longer enrolled in, select Archive to the right of the student’s name. 

To confirm this change select  Archive in the pop up warning.

If you need to add an archived Student back to your Active Roster, select  Archived.

Select Activate to the right of the student’s name.

Confirm this change to add the student back into your active class roster by selecting Activate in the pop-up warning.