Multimedia Resources

There are 3 multimedia resource types in the Gallopade Curriculum: Image Galleries, Videos, and Internet Links.

Multimedia resources include primary and secondary sources that align to the standards, content, and skills covered throughout the Student Book. They are organized by chapter to make it easy for you to find what you need.

Image Galleries include current and historical photographs, maps, political cartoons, paintings, and documents.

Videos are Gallopade videos.

Internet Links include links to curated Internet resources such as videos, website, lesson plans, interactive maps, and more.

For every 3rd Party Internet link and Gallopade video, we have provided information that includes a description along with when to use the resource within the unit or chapter. To see the description, select the   located after the title.  Please note that some Internet links have ads that Gallopade is unable to remove.

Here is an example of a resource description: 

We recommend that you always preview multimedia resources before assigning them or showing them in class

After reading the description and previewing the resource, you can decide whether or not you would like to use the resource with your students. If so, you can show the resource from your device by using the VIEW option. You may also have the option to ASSIGN the resource for students to watch from their Gallopade accounts. 

Please note that if an Internet link doesn't include the option to assign, it may be a teacher only resource, or it may not have the ASSIGN option due to ads Gallopade cannot control or content that we think requires you to use your discretion.