How Do I Use the Translate Feature in ExperTrack?

1. To use the translate feature with ExperTrack tests, open the test.
2. Then when you are ready to use the translate, you will click and drag your mouse to select the words you want to have translated.  You should see the words highlighted in blue as you click and drag (as shown in the pictures below).
3. After you highlight the words you want translated, you will see a little box with 3 choices: Listen, Dictionary, and Translate.
4. Select Translate.
4. When you select Translate, you will see a list of languages. Select a language from the list.
5. Once you select a language, you will see the translated text.
6. You also have the option to hear the text! Just press the green play symbol.  

To watch a video that demonstrates how to use the translate feature in an ExperTrack test,