How to Use Read Aloud and Translate in PDF+ Assignments

PDF+ Resources include Student Books for Virginia, Louisiana, and Georgia 3-8. PDF+ Resources also include all Teaching Tools (listed below) except PSA, Writing Prompts, and Vocabulary Builders.

 To use the full page Read Aloud feature, open the resource, and select Listen.
To select specific text to be read aloud or translated, click and drag to select specific text.
Then select Listen.
To have text translated, click and drag to select text, and select translate.
Then select the language fro the list.
Select I understand.
Then select, the play button.
To use Read Aloud and Translate while using annotation tools, select the Read Text tool.
Then click and drag to select text.

List of PDF+ Teaching Tools

Artistic Expression 
Digital Student Books (Georgia 3-8)
Document-Based Questions 
Essential Questions
Graphic Organizers
Image Gallery
Interactive Workbooks
Maps Skills 
Let's Practice
Let's Research
Let's Review 
Leveled Literacy
One More for Fun 
Project-Based Learning 
Study Guide
Vocabulary Resource
Vocabulary Review