How to Print PDF+ Teaching Tools

How to Print a PDF+ Teaching Tool

1. Locate the item you want to print.

2. Select View to open.

3. Select Expand Toolbar.

4. Select Print Document.

List of Applicable Resources

Chapter Planners
Chapter Openers
Document-Based Questions 
Essential Questions
Expectations for Learning
Graphic Organizers
Image Gallery
Interactive Workbooks
Maps Skills
Learning Objectives
Let's Research
Let's Review 
Leveled Literacy
One More for Fun 
Project-Based Learning 
Social Studies Themes
Study Guide
Unit Openers
Unit Planners
Vocabulary Resource
Vocabulary Review


Image Gallery items are not printable due to copyright laws.

Demo accounts and training accounts do not include printing. As a Gallopade curriculum user, you will have the option to print when you log into Gallopade using your permanent account.

Digital Student Books are not printable. Printed Student Books can be ordered from Gallopade.