How to Grade Interactive Resources: Digital Student Books (Georgia K-2, Tennessee K-8, Ohio K-8), Primary Source Analysis Activities, Writing Prompts, and Vocabulary Builders

Steps for finding and scoring teacher graded questions

1. From the Teacher Dashboard, go to Ready to Grade on the class card or Assignments from the top right menu.
2. Find the assignment you want to grade and select Submissions.
3, If you need to see submissions for all assignment instances for this resource for this class, select All Submissions for Class.
 4. To view a student submission, select View or the pencil
5. This will take you to the student's submission. You will see the student activities on the left and the scoring tools and options on the right. On the top right, you will  see a Scoring tab that includes a box where you will enter the points. (Note the point range. Each item is worth 1 point.) You will also see usage and a box for teacher comments. Here is a closer look:
You will also see a Notes tab that may contain teacher notes or an answer keys.  
In the lower right corner, you will see buttons to move to the previous item, next item, previous student and next student. You also have a toggle to show only manually graded questions.  If you select to turn this feature on,  you will see only questions you need to grade. If you have the show only manually graded questions feature turned off, you will see all questions.


6. Enter the points and enter comments (optional). Then select Save.
7. Select the X (in the top right corner) to close.