How to Correct Constructed Response Questions in GA Clickbook

Steps for finding and scoring teacher graded/constructed response questions.

When you are looking at the submissions for Clickbook, you will know when you have questions to score because you will notice a pencil in the grade column. It is important to note that if you are not having students answer these questions, you will still need to add points to avoid penalizing the student.  Constructed responses CAN be graded as students submit so you do not have to wait for all students to complete the assignment to grade individual responses. ALL responses will need to be graded in order for grades to be released.


To score constructed response questions, go to the assignments tab, locate the assignment, and click on Submissions

Click on a pencil to open a student's submission.

While grading, you may choose to set the “show only manually graded questions” feature on.  If you select to turn this feature on,  you will go directly to the FIRST constructed response question. If you have the show only manually graded questions feature turned off, you will see all questions and use the Next Item to get to the constructed response questions.


Show only manually graded questions OFF           Show only manually graded questions ON

While reviewing student answers to the manually constructed questions, you will enter the points. (Note the point range is 0-5).   

Click Save.  

To go to the next student’s response for the same question, click on the NEXT STUDENT button located at the bottom of the scoring pane on the right hand side of the screen. This will advance you to the same screen for the next student. 

Once all students have completed the assignment and all scoring has been saved, you may wish to release the data to reports and grades to the students.  See “How to Find and Release Scores” for more information. 

Printable pdf - How to Correct Constructed Response Questions in Clickbook