How to Complete Interactive Teaching Tools (Writing Prompts, Primary Source Analyses, Vocabulary Builders, and Vocabulary Quizzes)

Writing Prompts, Primary Sources Analyses, Vocabulary Builders, and Vocabulary Quizzes can all be completed online. 

You can type directly in the space provided. It's that easy!

To save or submit, select the next> button at the bottom of the page. 

Here is a closer look at the menu at the bottom of the page.

The last page is a summary page where you will Submit for Grade or Save for Later.



The bar at the top of every page provides additional options.

Here is a close look.

On the top left:

The <back button will take you out of the assignment and back to your student dashboard.

    To use Read Aloud, select Listen from the top menu.

    That will bring up a listen button on the left. Select the Listen button on left to activate Read Aloud.

    To select text for Read Aloud, place your mouse cursor on the page, and click and drag to select text. After selecting your text, release your mouse click. Then select Listen.

    To have text translated, click and drag to select text, and then select Translate.

    Then select a language.

    You will see the translated selected text. Select the play button to hear the text read aloud.



    You can select Mark Up  to access annotation tools to highlight, underline, or create a note. 

    After selecting Mark Up, to access your markup options click and drag to select text on the page

    Once you select text, you will see a menu of options.

    From left to right, the menu options are highlight , underline , create a text border , create a note , and delete .

    To highlight, select the highlight option. . That will bring up the highlight colors to choose from.

    Select a color, and your selected  text will be highlighted.

    To create a note, place your mouse cursor on the page, and click and drag to select text. Then select the add a note icon.

    Type your note and select Save

    You will see a number to mark your note on the page. 

    You can select the number to open, edit, or delete the note.


    To view or hide markups, select or deselect View.

    With View selected, you will see your annotations.

    To hide your annotations, click View from the top to deselect it. 


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