How to Clear Stored Passwords from Google Chrome

If you are having repeated issues with your username and password (resulting in failed log ins), it is possible that the system is using an outdated password stored in your browser. You may want to remove your stored password.

Before clearing the passwords, it is a good idea to make to sure you are on the correct website: If you are on the Gallopade Curriculum website and think you have an oudated password or more than one outdated password stored, here are instructions to clear them.


To remove an old username and password:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser window.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Autofill (on the left).
5. Select Passwords (on the right).
6. Your Gallopade password will be saved in So, in the search box at the top, type the word content.
7. You should see listed.
8. To view a saved password, select the eyeball icon.
9. To delete a password, click on the 3 dots and choose remove.
This will REMOVE your old login information from your browser.