How to Build and Assign an Assessment Using the ExperTrack Item Bank

How to Build an ExperTrack Assessment


1. From the Teacher Dashboard, select Course in blue text under your class name.

2. Locate your ExperTrack Item Bank, and select Open.

3. Select Open to open your custom ExperTrack assessments.

4. Select +Add Assessment in red from the top right corner.

5. Select +Create New Custom Assessment in red from the top left corner.

6. Enter the Name your custom assessment and press Create.

7. Select the checkbox to the left of your new Custom ExperTrack Assessment and press the red Save button in the top right.

8. You have now created your first assessment, and it is in draft mode. To add questions to your assessment, select Draft on the right side of the assessment card.

9. This will take you to the Assignment Editor screen. Next, select +Add item to add questions.

10. This will take you to the Item Bank, where you can search, preview, and select items.

From here, you can

     A. Search for Questions 

        i. Use the TOC tab to search by grade level and chapter.

        ii. Use Tags tab to search by question type, topic, where used, and included in prebuilt


        iii. Use the Alignments tab to search standard.

        iv. Use the search box to search by keyword.

        v. Or Reset your Filter selections from i-iv.


     B. Preview a question by selecting View on the right side of the question.


     C. Select the questions you would like included in your assessment by selecting the checkbox to         the left of the question.


11. When you are finished adding questions, press the red Save button (d) in the top right corner.

12. Pressing Save will bring you back to the Assessment Editor screen where you can
    1. Rename the Test
    2. View Questions or Remove Questions
    3. +Add Items
13. When finished customizing your assessment, select the red Done button (d) in the top right corner.

14. Selecting Done will bring you back to your list of assessments, where you can
    1. Select Draft to edit the assessment
    2. Select View to preview the entire assessment and answer key
    3. Select Remove to remove the assessment from your list of assessments

15. Select the triangle next to Draft to publish your assessment and make it assignable.

***Once you make the assignment Assignable, you cannot change it back to a draft, so make sure to complete all edits before completing this step. Press Yes, Make Assignable when you are completely finished editing this assessment.

16. After completing step 13 (and when you are ready to assign), select Assign and complete the details on the assign pop up menu.