Georgia Alignment Guides: Grades 3-8

This information is provided as an overview of the organization and alignment connections between Gallopade curriculum resources.

All Georgia Experience resources are aligned to each other. What does that mean?

➤ Content is organized into the same sequence of units and chapters in all resources.

➤ Chapter names and numbers in the Student Workbook are identical to those in Clickbook.

➤ Instructional objectives, GSE alignment, and core content is the same for each Student Workbook chapter and its corresponding Clickbook chapter.

➤ Teacher Toolbox resources align to the same units and chapters in Clickbook as they align to in the Student Workbook.

➤ ExperTrack Checkpoint assessments align to the same units and chapters regardless of whether you are using Student Workbooks or Clickbook (or both).


Now for clarification:

1. As print vs. digital, the Student Workbook and Clickbook are not identical. Rather, they have many differences as each resource incorporates the strengths of its format. For example, Clickbook is not limited by page count, so while we still stick to the standards, Clickbook is often able to provide an additional level of depth of content for students to explore. And, while Clickbook incorporates a remarkably wide range of online activity types, the Student Workbook activities are not limited by any technical constraints beyond a graphic artist putting ideas to paper!

2. A few things in the Teacher Toolbox are specifically designed for use with the printed Student Workbook. For example, gluing Graphic Organizer pages onto the related content page of a Student Workbook only works with a Student Workbook; similarly, we provide teachers with page references from the Student Workbook. Additionally, Clickbook already includes many of the visual resources included in the Teacher Toolbox (such as color maps and image galleries). Nevertheless, most Teacher Toolbox tools are as great for use with Clickbook as they are for use with the Student Workbook!


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