Gallopade Platform: Latest Updates

March 2022

Teachers Can View Points Possible for Graded Assignments

  • After student submissions are graded, teachers can see points earned and points possible from Submissions, All Submissions, and the Gradebook Report.
    • In Submissions, All Submissions, and the Gradebook Report, after a student’s submission has been graded, teachers can hover over the percentage score to view points earned/points possible.

PDF+ Resources Have 2 New Toolbar Options
  • Teachers and students can now select to hide or show highlights and annotations by selecting show or hide on the Markup toggle.
  • To turn the page of a PDF+ resource with multiple pages, up and down arrows have been added to the toolbar. The option to select a page from the side panel is still there. 

Teachers Can View Highlights and Notes Made by Students in Interactive Resource Assignments
  • While viewing students submissions, teachers will automatically see any "markups" students have made.