Gallopade Curriculum Online: An Overview for Ohio Grades 2-8

This article is a good place to start if you are a teacher who is not familiar with Gallopade's Online Curriculum. Please refer to additional articles for a more in-depth look at specific topics.

After completing the Getting Started steps, upon login, you will see your class(es). To go to the curriculum, select the blue word Course (or the name of a class).


Then select the red Open button (or the title of the course).

You will see the curriculum, organized into folders: Introduction and Extras, every unit, and End of Year Resources. It’s a great idea to open the Introduction and Extras and explore the teacher items.


Throughout the online curriculum, teacher items will be at the top of a page. Resources are all labeled Teacher (in green) or Student (in yellow). The Introduction has some great information about the design and components of the curriculum. To open, select VIEW or PDF


To exit a resource and go back to the course, select the red CLOSE button (in the upper right).


Throughout the online curriculum, there is a breadcrumb trail that shows the navigation path (shown in the red box in the image below) on the top left side of each page. You can use the breadcrumb trail to go back to the last page. *Using the browser’s back button will take you all the way back to the dashboard showing all classes. You can also use the 3 horizontal lines at the beginning of the breadcrumb trail) to see the Table of Contents and select a specific location in the curriculum (as shown in the 2nd image).

The curriculum is set up as a course, organized into units and chapters. Upon opening a unit, you will see all unit-level resources and all chapters in the unit. 

Upon opening a chapter, you will see everything for the chapter. Chapter resources are presented in the order teachers are most likely to use them according to the order of the content in the Student Book. You will always see the core teacher items at the top (Chapter Planner and Expectations for Learning), then the Student Book, Image Gallery (for some chapters), Teaching Tools, and multimedia resources (videos, maps, websites, etc.). The ExperTrack Checkpoint will be the last item in each chapter. To open resources, select the VIEW button.


Gallopade provides approximately 20 different types Teaching Tools that are optional, assignable activities for students. So, teachers can decide what they want to use. Some tools are standard for every chapter (Vocabulary Builder, Vocabulary Review, Interactive Workbook, Study Guide), and other tools will vary chapter by chapter (Graphic Organizers, Writing Prompts, Map Skills, Project-Based Learning, etc.). 

*Interactive Student Books, Vocabulary Builders, Primary Source Analysis activities, and Writing Prompts are fully digitized.

*PDF+ Teaching Tools (Essential Questions, Graphic Organizers, Study Guides, etc.) include annotation tools that make it easy for students to complete online.


Throughout the curriculum, resources have an information button   that provides descriptions, teaching strategies, and information about when to use. They can be very helpful when the curriculum is new and useful as a reference throughout the year. 

If you have questions, please reach out to your Gallopade support contact.

If you would like more information regarding printable resources, click here