All Submissions for Class

In order to easily manage multiple assignments of the same resource in one place, teachers can go to All Submissions for Class. 

All Submissions for Class shows every instance of an assignment for a resource for a class. So, for example, if you assign the Student Book to a class, and then assign it again to just 5 students in the class, all instances will show up in All Submissions for Class


To access All Submission for Class, locate one of the assignments and select Submissions.  

Then, from the submissions page, select the red All Submissions for Class button.

From all submissions, you will see the details for every assignment for that resource. 

All submissions by column:
ASGMT: This shows the assignment number. Click or hover/roll over the number to see the nickname. Click or hover/roll over the number and select Edit to open assignment settings. In the image above, 1 was a whole class assignment where the assignment has the same number for all in the class. 2-11 were individual assignments. Each individual assignment is numbered separately.
Start Date: This shows the assignment start date designated by the teacher.
Type: This will display a C for a class assignment (managed as one assignment for whole class) or an I for an individual assignment (assigned to Entire Class as Individual assignments (managed individually) OR assigned to individual students).
First Name: first name of student
Last Name: last name of student
Status: Not Submitted/Started/Submitted
Submitted: allows you to submit/unsubmit assignments other than ExperTrack
Student Version: Click the eyeball to see the student's submission and score.
Grade: View of scores. Select score or pencil to review submission and enter score (if teacher graded).
Grades to Reports: When ready to release the grades for this assignment to reports, there are 2 steps to take. This toggle setting is step one. For individual assignments, you can set the toggle directly on the page. For Class assignments, select the On or Off button to go to the settings to make changes. To release grades to reports, you must also change the status of an assignment to gradedTo see step-by-step instruction for how to release data to reports, click here
Grades to Students: Are you ready to release the grades for this assignment to students? For individual assignments, you can manage this toggle directly from the page. For Class assignments, select the On or Off to go to the settings to edit the assignment for all.
Students Can Review: Are you ready for students to review their submissions and grading feedback? For individual assignments, you can manage this toggle directly from the page. For Class assignments, select the On or Off to go to the settings to edit the assignment for all.
Feedback: You can view, edit, or add feedback. 
To sort, click on a column header. For example, click on last name to see assignments organized by last name in order to see all assignment instances for a specific student side by side.
In the ALL SUBMISSIONS AREA, you can make a new assignment or make changes to multiple assignment settings at one time. For example, it you assigned something 3 times, with bulk actions, you can change the status to graded or release grades to students for 1, 2, or all 3 assignments at the same time. 
Remember, in terms of editing assignment settings, every whole class assignment is managed as one assignment (together as a group). Bulk actions will not allow you to make changes for one student from a whole-class assignment. 
When you go into All Submissions, the Reassign and Bulk Update buttons will be grayed out.
To make updates, the first step is always to select specific instances by putting a checkmark in the selected box(es) in the first column. Once you make a selection, the Reassign and Bulk Update buttons will be active.
To assign, select student(s) from column 1, then select the red Assign button in the top right. 
To make edits, select the assignments you want to edit, then select the red Bulk Update button in the top right.
This will bring up your bulk assignment settings where you can make changes that will apply to all selected assignments. 
When you open bulk updates, settings are grayed out. To make changes, you must select a category: Status, Start Date, End Date, Reports & Grading, Student Instructions, Delete, Submit/Unsubmit. After selecting a category, that category will no longer appear grayed out, and you will be able to make selections for changes.
Here are examples of changes by category:
After selecting which assignments to edit (from the first column) and the bulk update button (in the upper right), to change the status, select Status by putting a checkmark in the box next to status. Then select the new status, and save.
To change the start date and time or due date and time, click the box next the start date and/or end date. Then make your changes and save.
To make changes to the Reports and Grading toggles, select the box next to Reports and Grading, then make your changes and save.
To add or change student instructions, select Student Instructions. Then type your changes and save.
Note: You can make multiples changes (to the status, date range, reports & grading, and student instructions) at the same time. To make multiple changes, wait until you have made all change to save.
From Bulk Update, you can also delete assignment(s). Please be aware that your deletions are permanent, and assignments cannot be retrieved after being deleted.
To delete an assignment or assignments, select the assignment(s) in the first column.
Then select, the red Bulk Update button in upper right.
Select Delete Assignment(s). 
Select Delete.
Confirm by selecting Yes, delete OR cancel by selecting No, Keep.
To submit an assignment for an individual student, select Submit.
To unsubmit an assignment to allow students to continue to work on something, select the date submitted, then select Unsubmit.
To Reassign, select the date submitted, then select reassign.
Please note, because ExperTrack is an assessment, ExperTrack assignments cannot be submitted/unsubmitted by the teacher. If a student starts but does not submit an ExperTrack, the grade and review will be visible at the teacher level once the assignment is closed. The grade and review will not be visible from the student's account because it will show as unsubmitted which locks assignments after the assignment is closed. If you would like a student to take an ExperTrack assessment again, you will need to make a new assignment.
The all submissions page can be exported. To have this data emailed to you, select Export.
Then select Summary Export of Item Analysis Export, and Send.
When viewing grades in Submissions and All Submissions, hover over the grade to see points earned over points possible. 
To watch a video about All Submissions for class, click here.