How to Add Students to Classes (Non-SSO Administrator)

Student accounts must be created at the class level. So, students should be added after teacher accounts and classes have been created.

1. Navigate to the class/class roster.

There are a few ways to get to class rosters:

     A. Log in and select Schools. Then select Classes.

     B. Log in and select Users. Locate the teacher, and select View. Locate the class, and select b.

     C. Log in and select Classes. Locate the class and select Roster.

2. Once in the class, you can either create accounts for students who do not currently have an account or add existing students to a class.

     A. To add a new student, select +Add New Student. Fill out required fields, and Save.

     B. To add a student who has a Gallopade account, select +Add Existing Student. Search by email,         first name, last name, school, username, or status by selecting the search symbol .  Locate the           student, and select Add.